An Evangelization Tool for your people

Reflect on Jesus in your life

Share your thoughts and feelings as you encounter the Lord in scripture and small community (online &/or ground-based)

Prepare for the celebration in the up-coming week’s assembly

Consult “other resources” as your time permits

A free service of The Emmaus Institute

Start a Gospel Sharing Group Today!!!

We have designed the New Evangelization Sharing Platform to encourage and facilitate reflection and sharing on the questions, “Who is Jesus in my life?” “How do I meet Jesus in Scripture and in the Church?”

What do we need to use this resource?

4 to 8 people with one person agreeing to act as the “Host or Hostess” may form a group.

What will we agree to do?

Each participant agrees to
1. Create an account and enroll in the group
2. Log in to the group site at the start of each week and read the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday
3. Reflect “How do I encounter Jesus in this Gospel?” and post a couple sentences on this by Wednesday night.
4. Supportively read the posts of the other members of the group by Saturday at (sun-down) and write an encouraging reply to each fellow participant.
5. (optional) watch videos and other readings provided as “other resources” to support your reflection on Jesus and faith journey.

How long will my participation take?

Reading the Gospel and writing a sentence or two reflection may take 7 to 10 minutes.

Reading other participants’ postings and writing a supportive comment may take 2 to 3 minutes per person: so 8 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the group. Of course, one may take advantage of the links to video and other resources and spend more than the minimal time.

What does the Host do?

The Host or Hostess agrees to simply be one of the most active participants by posting his or her reflections early in the week and using the email function to welcome and encourage the others. The Host or Hostess will be the contact with The Emmaus Institute should any issues arise

Who has access to our groups postings?

Only the members of your group, those who have been given the enrollment key by your Host or Hostess. All entries are deleted after about four weeks.

Beside promoting evangelization, what is in this for The Emmaus Institute?

First, it attends to our mission “to serve the online community development and religious education of faith communities.”

Second, it provides an opportunity for others to experience these tools and we may serve them in the future.


What should I do if I’m considering Hosting a group of my family members, students, friends or others.

1. View our YouTube Video [here] about creating a free account.

2. Create your account and have your group members do likewise.

3. Email us to set-up your Gospel sharing group: