Jesus and the childrenOur goal at The Emmaus Institute is to serve the online community development and religious education of faith communities. We work to bring "the miracle of the Internet" to the service of people who recognize the need for life-long learning, dialogue and interaction as we grow.

We encourage people to share their faith with one another, especially in Gospel sharing groups. The Holy Spirit can and will speak through you!

We provide training and produce courses for faith communities and individual educational professionals to serve their stakeholders with a variety of formats: online, blended and/or as classroom supplements. We work to build a network of partners who employ the principles of subsidiarity and cooperation to serve their communities and network with others for the common good.

We help faith communities and individual educational professionals to develop their community building and education web presence by helping them to build their web page, loading a virtual learning environment and training for appropriate use in their communities.

We also manage a library for sharing online course content and share revenues with our contributing partners. Presently we have built courses on The Old Testament, Jesus and the New Testament and Interfaith Dialogue for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

John Lay is the founder and director of The Emmaus Institute. He has served as a Director of Religious Education, a Youth Minister and has worked for over thirty years as an affiliate faculty member at Regis University in Denver Colorado. He teaches both ground based courses and online courses in philosophy and religious studies. He served, briefly, as the lead faculty for online learning in the College for Professional Studies. Now, he is "mostly retired" visiting new family, new places and playing tennis and golf. He lives in Broomfield, Colorado with his beautiful bride, Marge.

Our network has served diocese formation programs, parishes, university professors, high school teachers and spiritual caregivers in hospitals.