New Model for Deacon Formation

Use a VLE (virtual learning environment) and completely change the quality and accessibility of your deacon formation program. Raise it to new heights while saving everyone involved time and money in the formation of permanent deacons!

Previously in the Archdiocese of Denver, candidates preparing to serve as permanent deacons would travel every other week to attend weekend gatherings at the Seminary. There, they would discover resources and participate in activities to prepare them for this ministry. Now they meet only once each six weeks period, yet they spend significant time in self-study and online interactive assignments for each session.

This new model has enhanced the spiritual, intellectual, and communal experiences of the men. It has saved significant amounts of time and money for both the Archdiocese and for the men in formation. It has prepared them more fully for the world in which they will serve. It prepares adults with an adult learning methodology for service.


Deacon John Smith, the Director of the Archdiocese of Denver Deacon Formation Program, said

"... men who otherwise would not be able to participate in formation if they had been forced into the old model (every other week, weekends only format) due to family or business constraints, now

  • study, with clear direction, on their own time
  • progress in learning and formation years ahead of the candidates in the traditional model
  • experience a better quality of resources and activities, become more knowledgeable, and have better sense of self and mission with this new, adult model."

Take advantage of the ground-breaking efforts of the Archdiocese of Denver Permanent Deacon Formation Program and enhance your formation program today. Let The Emmaus Institute set-up your Online Environment and prepare you to make resources and activities available to your aspirants and candidates. Your candidates will have better results faster with more time for reflection and prayer. Their mastery in the subject matter will be measurable. Better, faster, measurable. That's the result.

The Emmaus Institute and their partnership with the leaders of the Archdiocese of Denver Deacon Formation Program can have your platform up and running in short order.

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