List of Services

The Emmaus Institute list of services:

Annual Emmaus Partner Category Instance

Partner Category Instance = a categorized virtual learning environment instance for one year at The Emmaus Institute for up to 150 students and up to 3 individual courses with one editing teacher (only available with Emmaus Partner Course Development Support or previously developed course(s) serving up to 150 students)

Conversion of One Hour of Media

Conversion of client-supplied media into a consistent, web-friendly format and hosting of the content using highly scalable media storage suitable for streaming.

The Emmaus Institute will convert your audio or video content; regardless of the source (Flip camera, memory card, video tape, DVD, etc) into a consistent format. It is playable on a wide variety of internet devices including Computers (MAC and PC), iPad, iPhone, other mobile phones and tablets.

Streaming is done using a cross-platform player that feeds Flash video to computers, HTML5 format to devices such as iPhone, iPad.

Basic editing is included which means we will "cut" your original media into separate clips, or "graft" several clips into a single clip. Examples of this include:

- Cutting a 2 hour video tape into 5 separate chapters

- Grafting the 10 tracks on an audio CD into a single audio clip.

Editing beyond this description is not included such as adding titles, music, editing sound track, fades or other effects, etc.

All media is rounded up to next minute of length. Charges are rounded up to full hours for billing.

A note on Copyright. The client assumes all responsibilities regarding copyright. The client must obtain the permission of the rightful copyright owner for all content used. We are often asked to use video or audio content not created by The Emmaus Institute or the client and this can become a problem. The Emmaus Institute is acting on the clients’ behalf to edit, convert and host client-supplied content.

Course Development - extended (+ 15 sessions)

This service provides support for extended courses that are very large; for courses that last over two semesters for example (See Course Development Support)

Course Development Support

Support and work effort to develop client’s online software course. Client provide the outline, teachers guide or other syllabus type materials. The Emmaus Institute Representative works with the client to construct an online course that runs in the client’s hosted Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

May include video or other media, quizzes, assignments and other activities.

$2500 per course developed. Alternatives can include a lower up-front fee, with a commission per paying student of the developed course.

· Course Development Support must be included with a new An Emmaus Partner Category Instance

Annual Course Set-up & Management Fee

Set-up and management fee for courses including enrollment support, daily back-up, archiving...

Annual Domain/DNS Management

For Private Moodle/Mahara: Management of client’s domain/DNS. (If client manages own Domain/DNS The Emmaus Institute needs an appropriate DNS to direct client’s virtual learning environment. For example

Emmaus Partner Course Development Support

Support for new Emmaus Partners; Course Development Support for one categorized instance at The Emmaus Institute for one editing teacher for one course. Support and work effort to develop client’s online software course. Client provide the outline, teachers guide or other syllabus type materials. The Emmaus Institute Representative works with the client to construct an online course that runs in the client’s hosted Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Lesson Development

Check for quote. Development of individual lessons/sessions priced at quoted hourly rate of $200/hr. plus expenses.

Lesson Maintenance

Fee to maintain previously developed courses by lesson with regular weekly/session changes

Annual Media Storage Bucket Fee

Media storage of up to 250 hours of original media (video, audio, other) for one year.

Online foundations of the Virtual Learning Environment

This four-week facilitated online course will provide you with a strong foundation for building quality courses within Moodle. You'll practice core skills and explore essential Moodle functionality, all while building your own course in a personal Moodle sandbox (provided). At every step The Emmaus Institute's Moodle experts will answer your questions, provide sample course content, offer feedback and moderate discussions.

You'll have the flexibility of an online course, with the expert support of a personal training session. Some of the things you'll learn in our Foundations of Moodle Course Development course include:

Defining course settings to match organizational and learner needs

Creating topic summaries and labels to enhance course usability and appearance

How to easily add content through multiple resource types including book, webpage and links to files

Utilizing the HTML Toolbar to embed Flash media

Constructing a variety of assignment and forum types

Developing quiz questions manually and through import for use in a Moodle quiz

Managing gradebook settings and grade categories

Please anticipate a time commitment of 4 - 6 hours per week for course participation.

Annual Private Mahara E-Portfolio

Yearly fee for management: updating and back-up of private instance of the Mahara Platform (ePortfolio Platform)

Annual Private Moodle

Yearly fee for management: updating and back-up of private instance of the Moodle Platform. (Virtual Learning Environment Platform)

Two Day Virtual Learning Environment Onsite Training*

The Emmaus Institute provides training sessions that will meet the needs of individuals who would like to learn more about using our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) to create courses and deliver instruction. Training Sessions maybe held at locations throughout the United States and Canada and are designed to provide the skills necessary for teachers and trainers to use the VLE in their programs.

The primary goal of the first day of training is to introduce participants to the VLE. The training will begin with a brief overview of the virtual learning environment. This overview will be followed by a guided tour of its most popular features and tools from the perspective of the learner. At the end of the first day, participants will create the start of a prototype course. Topics included on the first day will be:

Creating and editing the participant profile

Hands on experience with modules including Assignment, Choice, Forum, Quiz and Resource

Defining course Settings

Using blocks, topic summaries and labels to customize your course

On the second day, the focus will be learning to create several of the most frequently used course activities. Strategies and resources for good course design will be presented during the day. Topics covered on the second day will include:

Creating Resources to link to web pages as well as electronic files

Building Assignments, Quizzes and discussion Forums

Best practices in managing online learners

Discussion of other tools based on needs of participants

Participant Notes: If you have materials that you would like to use as you start to build your course, please bring them (in an electronic format) as you can use them when we add sample activities

Please bring your laptop computer for this hands-on training

Class will begin at 8:30am and conclude at 4:30pm, with an hour and a half on your own for lunch

*Course must have a minimum of 10 participants

*The course is limited to 20 participants

Website Hosting: Standard "content" type website

We use a "Content Management System" (CMS) to construct your website. This allows your site to grow and change over time. CMS are built on a modular design so adding new features such as a blog or discussion forum, events, email lists or online store can be added later without negating or damaging the content in place.

Also, you can have the ability to create users inside your site that have controlled permissions up to and including editing site content. The client can grow into the role of editing and controlling their own website content over time. We welcome and encourage you to take ownership of your own website content, but it is not required.


The basic assumption for this service is the website will be a typical, small business web presence with modest web traffic. This is rather vague description. But, perhaps 10 pages or less of content. All the typical features of "Contact Us" form, Home page, About Us, Company logo, maybe a promo video or two, etc. Once the site is up and running, the site is mostly static, limited to a few content changes per year. If your idea of a website is more elaborate than this, contact us to discuss the details.