Christmas Letter 2021



Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year 2022 from Marge & John Lay

Season's Greetings

As we celebrate this holy season, we send our best: our thoughts, our prayers, our love. We hope that you live in the light of Christ: though we may be called to suffer (pick up our cross) we have been promised, and expect, the fullness of life (abundant life now and forever more). As the craziness of disease and disruption continue let us seek to experience love and unity. I hope you will enjoy some of my reflections. A special "thank you" for those who send a note on some of their life's experiences over the year (link or letter). 

Peace and Joy to all.


Good-bye 2021 & Great Expectations for 2022



Again, last season I met the Iowa Kids up at Copper Mountain for a day to ski before Christmas. With the Covid disruptions, Nana didn't come up the Hill.   

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas together and then took a trip with our friends, Connie & Alan and Bill & Lindsay to one of our vacation opportunities at Boca Raton, FL.  


John continued to ski at Copper Mountain on Wednesdays with his friend, Fr. Ed Poehlmann. They had to wear masks; the masks helped keep faces warm. Our Truck was stolen from the Dealership Lot (Sill TerHar in Broomfield; they have no gate, no lock, no cameras), We found a replacement which works well pulling the camper up the hill.